The vest: how to combine this fall's trendy garment.

It is evident that in the autumn-winter season, knitted and vintage-style vests were the star garment and occupied the shop windows and the covers of all the magazines. Without a doubt, in this spring-summer collection it could not be less, since it continues to play a leading role in the outfits of the best dressed. In addition, it adapts perfectly to all kinds of styles.

The choice of the type of vest is essential to give your look the elegant or casual touch that you are looking for. How? We explain it to you below.

 Elegant outfits with vest

Waistcoats are the perfect garment to give a formal and elegant touch to your look. You can combine it with puff sleeve blouses to achieve a very British style. It can also be combined with turtleneck sweaters, as long as it is a thin and fitted sweater, a combination widely used by Parisians last season.


A safe bet for this summer is the total look of a masculine vest and trousers. The two-piece is already a must have in the wardrobe of all celebrities, as it brings elegance, sobriety and a lot of style.  It can also be combined with a pleated skirt, another of the indisputable street style garments.

 Casual outfits with vest

Padded vests have been the desired garment this spring, some with embroidery, others with original prints. This garment can be worn with skinny pants, bell bottoms or workers. All these combinations allow a perfect casual look. This result can also be achieved by combining the oversize vests with both the pants that we have already mentioned, as well as with the Slim fit, Mom Fit or boyfriend. 


A casual look of skirt or dress with a vest is a different bet and at the same time ideal for intermediate temperatures. These garments can be accompanied by long knit or fluid fabric vests, as well as padded or oversized vests. With them, you get originality and "not dress like the rest".


Finally, the choice of an oversize vest as a top is also a clear trend this season, a trick that allows more use to be made of a more winter garment at this time of year.

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