Depending on the type of return:

If you make your return in store, the return is free (keep in mind that for legal reasons, we cannot accept returns online at El Corte Inglés Stores).

If you have to make the return by sending it to our warehouse, the shipping costs will be borne by the sender.

In case you request the return to your home, the cost will be equal to the shipping cost:

Spain (peninsula) €4.95

Spain (Balearic Islands) €6.50

Portugal (peninsular) 6,50€

Germany €14.60

France € 14.60

Austria 17,50€

Belgium €17.50

Netherlands (except Dutch Caribbean) €17.50

Luxembourg €17.50

Greece € 17.50

Italy € 17.50

Sweden €19.90

Ireland €19.90

Denmark €19.90

Azores/Madeira €19.90

Czech Republic €19.90

Slovakia €19.90

Poland €19.90

Slovenia €19.90

Hungary €36.50

Croatia €36.50

Romania €36.50

Estonia 36,50€

Bulgaria 36,50€

Lithuania €36.50

Finland €36.50

Cyprus 36.50€

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