How to combine a vest: a basic in your wardrobe

In recent seasons, the vest has become one of the star garments of any look. A new basic that is not lacking in the wardrobes of the best dressed and that adapts excellently to all styles because they are worn in all kinds: quilted, dress, knit or jeans.

 vest estampado acolchado

to get a outfit that catches all eyes, the key is knowing how to combine each type of chaleco and adapt it to each occasion. Choosing the right clothes and accessories allows you to use the same vest at completely different times. Do you dare?

 With puff sleeve blouse

Vests, whether casual or dressy, give us the perfect opportunity to enhance other garments, such as blouses with puffed sleeves.

Choose a fitted vest in a slightly darker color than the blouse. The ideal result? Get it by combining a white blouse with a gray or beige vest.


With turtleneck

On colder days when you're looking for comfort and simplicity, choose a knitted vest with a turtleneck underneath. To avoid excess volume, choose a thin, fitted sweater that barely shows under the vest.


This combination allows you to play with the colors you like the most, from coordinated neutral tones to bright contrasting tones. Which ones define you best?

With skinny pants

Skinny pants are the perfect companions to compensate for the volume of vests oversize. It is mix adapts to different times of the day: dress vest with skin-effect skinny jeans for special occasions or knitted vest with jeans slim if you are looking for a outfit informal.


With knitted dress

A long quilted vest and a knitted dress midi They are two of the garments that we will wear the most during spring. A comfortable and trendy look perfect for intermediate temperatures.


Do you want to make a difference? Opt for the total look. Black, white and beige are elegant and never fail. the delicate blue Spun Sugar, pastel pink Gossamer Pink or the cheerful yellow Daffodil They will allow you to fully enjoy the seasonal colors.


with pleated skirt

The dress vest is perfect for going to the office or going to informal events. When combined with a long pleated skirt midi, another of the undisputed queens of street style, the result cannot be more cool.

To give the necessary importance to each of the garments, choose them in contrasting colors such as white and black, beige and brown or purple Very Peri and the pink Insinuating, the two most attractive colors of the season.


with matching pants

Considered the new blazer, the dress vest offers the perfect opportunity to create a look that reinvents the classic masculine-inspired suit.


Combine it with pleated pants of the same color to emulate the two-piece set worn by all celebrities. Choose neutral tones for very formal occasions or bright colors for a dazzling result.

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