Types of jeans: how to choose the perfect jeans

Jeans are a basic that should not be missing in our wardrobe, an essential garment that easily adapts to any situation. Currently we can choose between many different types of jeans for their ability to adapt to new trends and to combine with everything. Knowing its main characteristics allows us to choose the jeans perfect to enhance your figure.


Jeans straight

The Cowboys straight or straight are a classic, ideal for those looking for a timeless garment. Straight-cut, these pants enhance the figure without being tight to the body, so they are perfect for all types of silhouettes. Women with wide thighs and legs are especially favored with this type of jeans.


Jeans Slim

A middle ground between straight and the skinny, Cowboys slim They fit close to the leg, but flare slightly at the ankles without being too tight at the bottom of the leg. A comfortable pants that slightly lengthens the figure, perfect for all types of women.


 flare or bell jeans

the guy jeans flare they start to widen from the hip. Its aesthetic is reminiscent of the bell bottoms of the 70s. This type of jeans hides wide hips and thighs, especially if they are worn in their long version almost to the floor, combined with a heel. They favor all types of women.

In recent years they have become fashionable in the cropped length, which admits all types of footwear.

 Jeans bootcut


The difference between flared jeans and bootcut is that the latter are tight at the top and begin to widen from the knee, taking the shape that gives them their name. For the perfect style, jeans bootcut They should be long and reach almost to the ground. They tend to favor all types of women, since with a heel they lengthen the figure and compensate for the hips.


Jeans skinny

Completely fitted to the body, skinny jeans are made with stretch fabric to be comfortable and offer total freedom of movement, although at first glance it may seem otherwise. They have become a must among the basics! It is the perfect garment for slim women and those who want to enhance their curves will find their best ally in this garment. The best way to wear jeans skinny is it with military boots or cowboy.

Jeans boyfriend

cut jeans boyfriend They are inspired by the masculine aesthetic that has traditionally been less attached to the body. These jeans they are baggy, with a straight leg and, in most cases, are worn or frayed. Boyfriend pants have the advantage of admitting all types of footwear.


Jeans mom fit

Cowboys mom They are high-waisted, fitted at the waist, with a straight leg that does not hug the body and are long at the ankles. The difference between boyfriend and the mom fit is that the former are tighter at the waist.

The result? A casual and very comfortable aesthetic that especially favors short women because the high waist lengthens the silhouette.


 Jeans slouchy

Following the trend of comfortable fashion in recent years, we find jeans slouchy. They are wide, fitted at the waist, high-waisted, with darts at the front and baggy cut, that is, they fit at the ankle. To combine the slouchy jeans, it is best to choose a less baggy top and sandals. They are perfect for achieving a modern look that enhances the waist 


Jeans baggy

Although they can be confused with the previous ones, they present some differences: they are low-rise and, although they are baggy, the shape is more subtle and less tight at the ankle. They are available in a wide variety of formats such as cargo or jogger. The best way to wear jeans baggy It's with heels.

The result? The perfect garment to achieve an informal look.

Regardless of the model you choose, you will have to take into account the finish: frayed hems, printed jeans or jeans with very marked washes they can change the visual effect of the figure.


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