Clothing Care

Tips for washing, ironing and drying all your clothes:

Read the advice on the garment label before washing, drying or ironing.

Check the pockets of your jackets and pants and close the zippers of your garments before putting them in the washing machine. They can get damaged and ruin the rest of the clothes you wash.

Try to always wash your clothes in cold water to avoid further wear and tear or fading. In addition, always wash by color (whites and beige together, dark colors on the other side, red clothes separately...).

Do not use bleach to wash clothes, it damages them and can yellow whites. If you need to remove a stain on a white fabric, we advise you to dampen the garment and apply a stain remover with active oxygen for white clothes for a while before putting it in the washing machine.

If for any reason, you cannot hand wash a garment that requires it, we recommend washing it in cold water, in a fabric bag without zippers, in a delicate cycle and without spin.

Avoid fabric softener as much as possible, it can degenerate some fabrics, especially those with a waterproofing layer.

To avoid fading, apart from separating the clothes by color, we advise you to put a "color catcher wipe" in the washing machine drum. If your clothes have already faded and they are colored, we advise you to fill a bathtub with cold water and immerse the clothes in it with plenty of "stain remover with active oxygen for colored clothes". The next day, wash them in the appropriate cycle in the washing machine.

Once the washing cycle is finished, take the clothes out of the washer as soon as possible.

We know that tumble dryers can sometimes be very useful, but it is best to avoid using them as they can shrink and ruin clothes.

When putting clothes out to dry, try to dry them in the middle or by the seams so that the garment is not deformed. Stretch it well to avoid wrinkles.

Be especially careful with hangers that can leave marks on your clothes, especially plastic hangers that allow you to hook your clothes.

Depending on the material they are made of:


Well known by all, cotton is a fabric of natural origin, pleasant to the touch and incredibly versatile. Our washing machines usually have a specific program for this material, but it is good to always wash it in cold water to avoid shrinkage. Another tip is to treat stains on cotton before putting them in the washing machine.


It is a textile fiber of vegetable origin that is characterized by being a strong and resistant material. Linen can shrink with heat, so it is important to always wash it in cold water, either by hand or in the washing machine.


This fabric, composed largely of cotton, is present in practically all our closets. When washing it is very important to make sure to close zippers and buttons and turn the garment inside out before washing it in cold water.

Viscose, bamboo or rayon

A man-made fiber of cellulosic origin with a soft, light and comfortable feel, similar to silk. We recommend washing this material by hand or in very delicate programs together with other garments that do not contain materials or colors that may damage the fabric.


This material is made of cellulose fibers. It is cool, easy to wear, does not shrink and does not wrinkle easily. Our advice is to wash it on a delicate program and avoid spinning.


It is a very light synthetic polymer, which does not wrinkle and is highly resistant to wear and tear. Although it can be washed in the washing machine, it is advisable to wash it by hand to avoid damaging the garments with continued use.


It is a synthetic fiber, versatile and easy to care for. It can be machine washed without shrinking and does not wrinkle. It is a durable material although it can wear out over time with the consequent appearance of pilling.


This natural fiber is one of the warmest and most elastic fibers available and is virtually wrinkle-free. It should be hand washed at low temperatures or dry cleaned to avoid shrinkage. Dry these garments horizontally and do not use hangers to hang them to avoid deformation and elongation.

Down coats or anoraks

Down coats, whether feather or synthetic fiber, can be machine washed, always in cold water and without fabric softener. We advise you to turn it inside out and close the zippers. We advise you to dry it horizontally, shaking it from time to time until it is completely dry. It can be tumble-dried, in which case, we recommend that you put a ball in the tumble dryer to hollow out the fibers.


It is a non-woven microfiber that imitates synthetic suede. To wash it, it is best to treat stains before washing the entire garment. Consult the label to be sure of the recommended type of washing.

Leather and suede

Two materials that require special maintenance and care when washing. Use a damp cloth on surface stains or consult a specialist in case you prefer to carry out a more generic washing of the garment.


Natural fiber of silky touch and great shine. It is recommended to wash in cold water, delicate cycle and without spin. Best if washed in a cloth bag without zippers. The use of fabric softener is not recommended. The detergent should be as natural as possible, some people use a few drops of ammonia instead of detergent. To iron it, put a cloth on top and low temperature or if you have one, use a vertical steam iron.

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